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“Way to go, trashy residents of Madera,” began a woman who her gave her first name. “Leaving your mattresses, now on Santa Fe Drive, and Avenue 15, waiting for an accident. Somebody is going to get really hurt. On Santa Fe Drive they leave trash and unwanted dogs and all kinds of stuff. I’m really, really angry.”

A lady “had to call in response to the callers about the girls taking their shoes off at the prom. The girls probably took off their (high) heels for awhile. I know a lot of them feel very tall in those beautiful high heels and they are kind of uncomfortable. I was at the prom all evening and I was impressed by the vast majority of the dresses that the girls were wearing. They were in wonderful taste. They had great behavior and manners. It was a wonderful evening and it made me proud to be one of their teachers. I think we have some amazing students here in Madera.”

“I am in total agreement with the letter by David Rogers, supervisor from District 2 of Chowchilla,” said a woman. “He has spoken the truth about Israel and us needing to stand with them. I am very pleased to have a man like him represent our county, because I live in the county.”

Another lady had similar comments and concluded with, “what a magnificent article (letter). It should be posted on the front pages of all the newpapers.”

A woman called “about the County Board of Supervisors. I know a lot of people are really upset with them right now because they are trying to pull a Fresno on the workers of Madera County. They want to bring in outside outfits without even bringing this to the table and bargaining with the union. After all the furloughs, no raises and everything the workers have gone through to save their jobs, the supervisors want to lay them all off and bring in outside workers. Because they won’t have to kick in for benefits or anything like that. Can you imagine all the contraband and thievery that will be done by these outside workers? That would be awful.”

“I am sick about hearing not to worry about what management makes,” said a lady. “There was an article back on (May) 24 saying negotiate and quit worrying about what they make. We need to worry. They keep cutting back the little guy and they’re not cutting back the top dogs. It’s time to stand up for our rights and say enough is enough.”

A woman said, “we need to stop these tax breaks in their tracks. These huge corporations that can cheat and go around without paying the taxes they are supposed to be. They’re getting away with murder and then they blame it on the little people that we’re not paying our fair share? This is absolutely baloney. Come on people. Stand up for what’s right. Let’s start yelling and screaming.”

“I really enjoyed (columnist Leon) Emo’s latest Meanderings (May 28),” said a gentleman. “Many years ago he gave me a four-day tour of his desert, and what a place. I’ll always remember his knowledge and stories and the places he showed me.”

A caller said, “During a classified employees barbecue luncheon at the maintenance department I heard a couple of guys talking about how they were going to get off early. They told another guy, ‘why don’t you work through your lunch hour and get off an hour early’? I would like to ask the (school) board members, if they can do that, why can’t other classified employees do that?”

A mother who called last week about a graduation photo said, “you printed a new picture and new caption of my daughter’s senior graduation. I am very thankful that you did that. I am thankful the Tribune stepped up and corrected the mistake.”

A woman responded to “the article about the grand jury finding nothing wrong with the D.A. I think they need to go back and re-investigate. The D.A. (Michael Keitz) himself has not tried one person. There are three people sitting out at the county jail for murder. They have been out there for three years waiting to be tried. Michael Keitz has done nothing. Ernie LiCalsi (former D.A.) tried everyone in court all the time. The board of supervisors do not need to give the D.A. any more money to run his office. He needs to be there and run it right.”

“I visited the (Paleontology) Center today,” said a Maderan. “Thank everyone in your community for the effort it must have taken over many years to bring the center into being. The displays are fascinating and preserve an important and very interesting historical record. Most of all, the people of the center were very knowledgeable and welcoming.”

“I agree with Bill Hoffrage’s letter that Rick Farinelli should get a chance at being a city council member to replace Sam (Armentrout),” said a caller. “Rick takes a lot of interest in politics, he is a Tea Party guy. Of course, he might have to move out of his district, if that proves to be necessary.”

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