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“The Tribune is very good about putting things in there about Mr. (Lupe) Rodriguez,” said a man. “Now we find out he’s been exonerated, but you don’t let anyone know. That’s not right.” (Note: The Saturday, June 11 edition carried a front page story concerning Mr. Rodriguez’s exoneration of all allegations.)

A woman also commented “on the investigation on the (school district) maintenance director by Alice Rios and that she wasn’t happy with the investigation results. “That’s really sad that Alice Rios and her partner Ronnie Zaragosa are allowed to make such allegations against a person in the district. The people of Madera need to stand up and get these people and their negativity out of Madera Unified.”

A woman “read the article by Chuck Doud (June 7) about the ethical and moral standards of our public officials. I would like to thank him very much. It was a very nice article. I am very disgusted by (School Board member) Lynn Cogdill’s comment that he wanted to have another casino here in Madera and teach our students how to play poker. We are not setting our standards high enough for our children.”

A man had “a message for the Madera National Little League.” He wanted “to stress some issues that need to come out. First, this is a very disappointing season. The board showed unpreparedness, and unprofessionalism all year long. The neglect for the kids. The president of National League was so far over his head he stepped down. There’s not one member who is wanting to take over the position.” He also had a message “about the photographer who is hired by the Madera National League board this year to take team pictures. After two to three or more attempts the photographer still hasn’t got it right. Both her and her husband are board members and we feel it was a conflict of interest she even got the job. It’s time to stand up and let’s get rid of this board.”

A man had “a solution for Madera Unified School District. If they need the test scores to go up why don’t they take all the administrators and district office personnel and have them teach three periods a day. They get all the answers and let’s see if the
test scores go up.”

A lady said, “the pullout of today (no date given) was all nice and great, but for some reason there were a couple of businesses that were not included. She mentioned a couple including the (city-operated) Adult Day Care Center. There were a lot of city officials put out there. Was that oversight, or was there a reason why certain names were not included?”

A woman left her phone number and said, “please call me.” She left no message as to what she wanted to talk about.

“I get the paper at (address given) and if it comes early before the sprinklers come on, every day it gets soaking wet. Somebody needs to tell my carrier to please throw it a little further so it doesn’t get wet by the sprinklers in the morning.”

A lady said, “I always read Mo’s Musings, but Friday’s was extra special. His memories of his father made me realize what a great father I have. Thank you, Mr. Emo. I will be spending a little more time with my dad.”

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  1. Loreen's Gravatar Loreen
    September 23, 2012 - 10:53 pm | Permalink

    If you need test scores in Madera Unified to improve, you might start by testing the School Board. I have never seen such uncreative writing style. His style also changes frequently, probably due to different ghost writers. What is common to all his writing is grandiose descriptions of whatever his topic. Please folks, are we really still fooled by this buffoon? Casinos, school boards, mental hospitals; his only interest is his own advancement.

  2. Loreen's Gravatar Loreen
    September 23, 2012 - 10:54 pm | Permalink

    Excuse my writing errors. Obviously, I am speaking of Lyn Cogdill.

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