Locals respond to mosque vandalism (Aug. 26)

Masjid Madera, 16334 Road 26, has been vandalized on three separate occasions, said sheriff’s department spokeswoman Erica Stuart on Aug. 25.

Deputy Jeff Thomas recovered a brick Aug. 24 that was apparently thrown at a wall of the center Friday. He also seized a cardboard sign, which was discovered at the mosque Aug. 18. Then, sometime Aug. 24th night, two more signs were placed on the property.

Martha Herman, teacher: “Don’t promote violence with violence; it only perpetuates the cycle.”

Andrew Gorbatiy, college student: “America has freedom of religion, right? Protesting with violence is wrong. My (Ukrainian) parents were persecuted by the Soviets because Stalin said he was the only god.”

Mike Johnson, dialysis technician: “We have no right to accuse others or assume Muslims have negative motives in any way related to terrorists’ acts.”

Kendall Jones, principal: “I am saddened by the fact people are unable to practice their religion in peace.”

Chris Brett, driver: “Vandalism is always wrong and a hate crime is never the solution to a problem.”

Satnam Singh, student: “Not every Muslim is a terrorist and I am not a Muslim. Every person should have the right to worship their god.”

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