Letter: Some hilarious environment items (June 1)

The environmental page of the Tribune is the funniest thing of the whole paper. I read the other day about the “freshwater” intrusion into the bay killing the bay shark. Hasn’t it been the saltwater intrusion that was killing the smelt? Can’t they make up their

Now it’s the wind people mad at the power companies because they have an abundance of hydroelectric and they are not taking the unreliable wind power into the grid. Hydro is ungreen? No, it’s just that the green people have a useless and unstable product and it’s unrealistic to use it when real stable hydropower is available. They say that the power company is not doing enough to “store” its wind power when its available and not used.

How do you do that? Do you put the wind into balloons to use later? Do you convert it to DC and put it into batteries? Best way to “store” it is to run pumps, and pump the water back up hill to use later as clean, efficient, regulated hydro power.

You want regulated freshwater and saltwater? Build more dams. You want more regulated power? Build more dams. You want more good snowmelt freshwater to drink and wash your car? Build more dams. You want an abundance of good food in your grocery store? Build more dams. You want flood control that works? Build more dams.

Simple, isn’t it?

Bill Hoffrage,

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