Letter: Hillary is not her choice

From first-hand experience, I know what happens to your body and mind when you go through the change of life. It is a scary thought that the voters may put a menopausal woman in the White House with her finger so close to the nuclear button.

The national news media do not provide the voters with her past records of her hatred of the men and women in the military, her left-wing agendas and her antifamily voting records. Voters, you need to educate yourselves and not listen to what the media only want you to hear. They lie under the 1st Amendment because we do not make them accountable for distorting the truth.

I would like to see a woman in office, but Hillary Clinton is not that woman.

Pat D. Massetti,

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    January 22, 2008 - 4:02 am | Permalink

    This is such a good, but also an obvious, insight for women who are pointing more towards voting for a female for presidency in the regards to having a different gender as president. It is also apparent that no woman is the same. I think it all depends on the woman at hand, and the issues she has faced and whether or not those issues have made her weaker or stronger.

    I’m not a woman, so of course I cant go through that exact stage of life that a woman does, but lets not be naive and solely base our opinions on something so obvious when it comes to something with great importance, such as the presidency. After all men are not so innocent, they go through changes themselves, although those changes don’t focus on physical changes like a woman’s does, it to can change their outlooks on life.

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