Letter: $11.2 million is found, now what? (June 13)

Interesting Board of Supervisors meeting June 7, as all board members listened with awe to news of found money misallocated in the late 1990s. Unions and entitlement groups: Don’t get too excited, because they still are not sure if this is the correct amount.

How can the taxpaying citizens of Madera County trust county departments, private and state auditors and a bewildered Board of Supervisors with our tax money? How can this mistake of $11,176,110 happen? What happened to check and balance?

This money was so well hidden that the hired private and state auditing team over the years could not find the extra booty. Thanks to Auditor-Controller Janet Kroeger and her team, who had the guts and the fortitude to bring this tremendous mistake to the public.

After a long questioning period and debate, the board members decided to put this money back into the General Fund and wait until the next Board of Supervisors meeting in two weeks to make a decision. It was confirmed even with this new-found booty the state of the county budget is still not in good shape.

The taxpaying citizens lucked out, because if this money had been found a year ago it would have been spent.

The only board member so far that has fiscal responsibility is David Rogers, who recommended paying down the Madera County “debt” and making sure that we keep Madera County safe. The Madera County CAO, Eric Fleming, recommended the same scenario.

If you are a taxpayer, call your district supervisor at 675-7700 or e-mail supverisors@maderacounty.com and ask them to support Rogers’ and Flemings’ recommendations.

Rick Farinelli,
Madera Chapter, Central Valley Tea Party

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  1. JC said...

    Its terrible what Chuckchansi gets away with. Recently someone I know was beat up outside the casino, with security guards watching, they did nothing. Soon threats happened against the person who was beat up to keep his mouth shut.

    This has happened several times(to others) according to local gossip in the area . No one wants to argue with Chuckchansi, so they pretty well have all of us in the bag.

    Sad situation for sure.

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