Krista Pike remembered

Webmaster’s note: On the afternoon of Monday (Jan. 14), the life of 18-year-old Krista Pike of the Madera Ranchos ended tragically. Two friends of hers from when she attended El Dorado High School in Placerville wished to share their memories of her in life so that thoughts of her would not be overshadowed in Madera by the manner of her death.

krista_pike.jpgKrista’s personality was indescribable. No matter how bad things got she would always be laughing. Her laugh was contagious. When she started laughing it never ended but she always made absolutely everyone smile. She is the ultimate sweetheart who always saw the best in people. She is a friend of all.

She would always be random, but that’s what people love about her … that she lived each day as one big surprise. Her nickname at school is Giggles and she will always be remembered as that ray of light we all know and love!

She had an acquired taste for bows and rainbows. No matter how small or big they were you can bet she had it. Her favorite color for life was orange and she loves — and I mean loves — country music.

She had her own unique skill to handle people and whether they were sad or just plain miserable she helped them to see the joy in life! She is truly an amazing, beautiful girl and touched the hearts of many people. We are truly sad for all the people who lost the chance to meet this most wonderful person, because everyone deserves a chance to be happy for a moment and meet Krista.

Krista was truly spontaneous and was like a mother and sister to any one person at a time. She really broke the mold, because there will never be another person that even comes close to how spectacular Krista is. She radiated a glow that was contagious to any one person that saw her. She is a very go-luck person.

Krista-Rae June Pike will never slip away from anyone’s heart because she has touched people’s lives forever. We will never stop loving you!

Giana and James Ornelas,
Placerville, Calif.

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A video remembrance

The tribute video below was posted online by Danny Dominguez, a Madera friend of Krista Pike.

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In memoriam

Candlelight vigil for Krista Pike
Many flames follow the nudges of the wind or reach for the sky during a vigil Wednesday evening (Jan. 16) for the late Krista Pike at Town and Country Park, Madera.

“If nothing else comes out of this, at least people will know she was a loving caring person, and there is love out there. Grieve today, grieve tomorrow, but let all of that pass and go. Smile, laugh, and don’t hold grudges. Krista was here on this earth to love.”

– Russel Pike, father of Krista Pike, speaking at her candlelight vigil Wednesday evening (Jan. 16)

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‘Love always’

The fiance of Krista-Rae Pike wrote and shared the following spontaneous poem with her on the Saturday (Jan. 12) before her death. He shared the poem again at the funeral chapel viewing of her body on Friday (Jan. 18).

Our two souls moving as one
together they are unbreakable
able to withstand all that tries to break them,
all that hell can throw at them,
able to outlast time itself.
Together our souls are indestructible,
but when broken apart our souls are as brittle
as the frost on the morning grass.
Together they will bring about the life
of a son or daughter
to forever hold both souls together
keeping them forever intertwined for eternity
forever embracing each other.
Forever loving each other;
forever caring when one is hurt or sick,
no matter the distance
for we are an extremely rare kind of love,
for we are
and forever will be
soul mates.

– Thomas Hollier

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100 responses so far

  1. Irena said...

    Hey sweety,

    I still can’t believe it was you that was killed! Its unimaginable! Who would want to do something like this to you? You are so sweet and always happy. I don’t see who could have something against that!

    Its weird because I was just thinking about you Sunday night and when I would go to your house and no matter what we were all doing we ended up in the pool. LOL It never seemed to fail. We would be watching a movie or just hanging out in your room but always ended up outside in the pool somehow! Or when all the neighborhood boys would go play football in your front yard and me, you and your sister Alex would just sit there and cheer for them… We had a lot of memories there at your old house! I walk by there still and think about all the fun we had when you and your family lived there!

    I miss you so much already and it makes me sad to think that I’m not going to be able to see you again! But, no matter what, you will always have a place here in my heart! “my silly little Krista!” You always made me smile even if that was the last thing i wanted to do… and looking at your MySpace you had that effect on a lot of people! Everyone misses you! But I know that I will see you again! Here’s a little thing I wrote for you yesterday right after I found out the bad news…




    BY:IRENA PRADO 1-15-08

    Don’t forget me, sweety, ’cause i know I won’t forget you!
    I’ll see you soon!

  2. Alexandria said...

    My name is Alexandria Pike. I am Krista-Rae’s younger sister. I would just like to say thank you for all your love and support. We hope to see you all at the Vigil tonight. Thank you so so so much. You are truly helping us through this hard time. Always remember that Kritter is watching over you. She loves you all. Getting through this will be a task but it’s something we all need to do. Help each other. That is what she would have wanted. Thanks again.


  3. Shaundra Washington said...

    She will be loved and missed forever. I will miss her laugh, smile, and very spontaneous personality. Thank you very much for making this (Web page). It is very true and sincere. RIP Krista. I love you with all my heart!

  4. Brittany Mesaris said...

    I did not know Krista that well, but what I did know of her, she was a wonderful, beautiful person. Every time I saw her she always had this big, bright smile on her face. And every time someone around her was having a bad day, she always made sure she tried in every way she could to make sure they smiled and had a good day. I cannot believe that this would happen to such a wonderful girl. She did not deserve this at all.

    Krista, you will always be in everyone’s hearts! We all love you and we will miss you terribly. I know you’re in a better place now! Rest In Peace!

  5. Breana Berry said...

    I don’t know what I will do without you.

  6. Danny Dominguez said...


    You were an awesome friend and a wonderful person. I don’t know why anybody would do this to someone as special as you… But we all know that you are in a better place… I know that we only knew each for a year, but trust me when I say it felt like 100 years… LOL :’-(

    I remember when me and you and Thomas and Brittany would talk about moving away together after high school and getting married. LOL. We had some fun times… like that time when the four of us went to the Homecoming Dance together… We all had so much fun that night. It was like everything was perfect that night. LOL. I wanna thank you for all the times you helped me with Brittany and all the advice you gave me… It helped a lot when we were together… I still remember when you told me to live every day like it was the last day of my life, and still to this day I do…

    I was waiting for the day to see you and Thomas getting married in your beautiful dress. But I know you will always (be) with us in any way possible… and just so you know, I love you, Krista. You were one of my best friends and you will always be in my heart… And I will never forget you and I know that everyone else won’t either… We will see you again, when the time comes, and then me, you, Thomas and Brittany can be together and do what we planned. LOL… I miss you, Krista. You may be gone but you’re (not) forgotten… We love you.

    From your friend: Danny Dominguez

  7. Robert said...

    Hey Krista!

    We all miss you! I wish I could have seen you before you left us. I don’t even remember that last time we hung out! I remember when we used to go swimming at your house! All the kids from the block would be there! It was the place to be! I’m gonna be at the park tonight sayin’ goodbye… We’re all gonna miss you… I’ll see you in Heaven… Watch me and keep me safe!


  8. EMILY said...

    Krista, you were my best in the whole world and you always know how you make me smile when I was down. But now I really need that. I need you to make me smile and do your pig sound that you always did. I love that! I just wish that you were here with me.

    I remember that time when you’re going out with Dustin and you didn’t want to be at your house anymore. So I told you I was going to ask my mom if you could stay at my house, but then you moved down with your dad. I knew that you should have stayed with me, but you are in a better place now. (I) am always going to love you forever. Remember the grass is greener on the other side. As you always told me! I love you Krista-Rae June Pike.

  9. Kaitland (Krista's Hoe) said...

    You made everyone smile and cry from laughing so hard. There was never a dull moment. You were truly the best friend anyone could wish for. I just wish you didn’t have to go so soon. I will miss your giggle, your famous piggy noise.

    You kept me company in detention and John would get really mad at us. But no matter if we were in detention making John mad or getting kicked out of detention I had a lot of fun with you.

    Watch over your family and friends because you are missed by all.

    I love you, Krista.

    And I send all my love out to Alex and her family for this hard time of losing a member of the family.

  10. Jennifer said...

    I’m sorry to hear of such a terrible loss. No one should have to go through such a thing. I can only imagine what the family is going through. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  11. Natalie said...

    Krista-Rae Pike!

    WOW! I missed out on the last two years of your life! I miss you already, sweetie! You were such an AMAZING beautiful young & charming young girl! I remember at Madera High (during) freshman year when I met you! I was like, this girl smiles & has the best days! And you ALWAYS called me Negative Nancy because I ALWAYS had a complaint in Mr. Parris’s classroom! How funny! And we had a GREAT bond because we digged COUNTRY MUSIC! Ha hah! And in P.E. when we went to the skating rink and skated together to Akon … LOL. And your song that we sang ALL the time! “Happy Ending” (by) Avril Lavigne” GREAT TIMES we had! And I will never let go of our picture, sweetie, (that) we took together! I will cherish it FOREVER!

    I wish we (had) kept contact (over) the past two years! But you best better believe I will never residence in MADERA again! Prayers go out to your family, friends & Thomas! We all miss you! And I know you’re somewhere better & safe, my dear! I knew you & Thomas “Sunshine” were destined to be married! He will NEVER EVER find a wife as GORGEOUS as you, baby girl! We love you!


  12. Kristan Kreuter said...

    I just want to say Krista was such a sweet and loving person. Years ago, me and my family lived in the (Madera) Ranchos with Krista and her dear family. Samantha, her older sister, and I were good friends. If the Pikes ever needed anything, my grandma was there. Me and my family loved having them all over. I remember the time Krista, Alex, Russel and Samantha would all be over and we would all be having a blast jumping on the trampoline. Krista was always a joy to have around. She was always laughing and having a great time. She will be greatly missed. God bless her family through this rough time.

    I love you Krista and miss you lots. May you be free with the angels of God.

  13. JP said...

    Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis. Requiescant en pace. In nomine Patris, et fillii, et Spiritus Sancti, amen.

    (Eternal rest grant unto them, oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. Rest in peace. In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.)

    Our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends in their time of grieving.

    JP and family

  14. Daena said...

    This is Daena, Samantha’s friend…

    To the family, I can’t even describe how much I feel for your pain right now. I can’t even believe what happened. It is so unfair… You have always been such a loving family to me, and I will always keep Krista dear in my heart… You are all in my thoughts and prayers… (I) love you guys.


  15. Steven said...

    This is Steven Perkins.

    Krista, you are an amazing girl that changed the world. We will miss you so much. We will keep your memory alive no matter what with all of the love in all of our hearts.


  16. Your Gigi Buddy said...

    I love you, Krista

  17. Marley said...

    No one deserved it less then you. Hopefully you’re in a place now where your beautiful soul will be rewarded, not punished for something you never even had the heart to do.

  18. cameron said...

    Krista, I’ll miss you much. I’ll miss those long night at the skate park when you bought me Arizona (iced tea) that Halloween when we had some bomb -ss Taco Bell and times when me, you and Dustin would just bullsh-t.

    These memories will help me through tough times.

    I’ll miss ya.

    Cameron Floyd

  19. THE RAMEY FAMILY said...

    We remember you and your family (and your kitty ”Skittles”) when you lived a couple (of) houses away from us here in the (Madera) Ranchos. You have the most amazing family and we will do what we can to help your family through this loss of your wonderful presence. Your entire family has been there for us in our many times of need, during times of ”Nick trouble,” and we have always appreciated that. We will be there for your family.

    RIP Krista-Rae. You have been welcomed home to paradise. We’ll see you when we get there.

  20. Lacey said...

    Hey Krista,

    I know I hadn’t seen you in close to two years and I may not have been able to know you as well as some but I’m one of the lucky few who got a glimpse of what a great person you were. I remember the first time I actually got to have a real conversation with you.You were talking to me because I was sad… you were helping me… Thank you. … you’re such a caring person. What kind of monster would do this to someone like you? Rest in Peace


    see you in Heaven, pretty lady.


  21. maximilian thomas mace said...

    Krista, you were the most amazing girl I knew. You will be in many people’s hearts forever. You brightened people’s days with your beautiful smile and your beautiful laugh.

    Krista, we will miss you.

    forever loving,
    Maximilian Thomas Mace

  22. jacob hoyle said...

    We will miss you all
    Everyone loves you
    You were a great friend to me
    I’m so broken up when I heard the news
    I love you dearly
    We all do
    We will miss you
    Hopefully I will see you soon
    I’m sorry for what happened
    I wish I could do something to bring you back
    You brought a smile to my face every time I talked to you
    We all lost a great friend and that was you
    No one will ever forget about you
    I promise
    I will pray every day for you
    I couldn’t stop crying today
    At church I was thinking about you
    I know God loves you dearly and he will be there for you
    I promise
    Sometimes things happen
    Sometimes good and sometimes bad
    but whatever happens everyone must move on,
    even if it hurts
    I’m sorry that happened,
    but that person will pay for what he did
    Trust me
    A lot of people are hurt,
    but all I can say is goodbye

  23. MANDI said...


    Just the other day you were asking me questions about weddings, and now I can’t believe you are gone. It hurts so much and all I remember are all the good time we had with grandma and the family at parties or just get togethers just because. I wish this was just a bad dream but it is not.

    I know that you are in Heaven with grandma and all of the other family members that we have lost over time. I do know that the boys will miss you, but as of now they don’t know that you are gone cause I need to deal with this first before i can help them understand that you are in Heaven now. I know that it is going to be extra hard on Tyler ’cause I know he loved you soo much. Austin, I just don’t know how he will handle it but I know he loves you too. I will just have to remind them of all the good times they had with you and your family, and keep you in their hearts just like they keep grandma there. We’ll miss you and wish this did not happen.

    love and miss you sooo much

    your cousin,

  24. Jenny Brewster said...

    Krista Rae Pike to me was
    a very beautiful person.
    Everyone from the moment
    they met Krista loved her.
    I know I will always love her from the bottom of my heart. I will always miss her sweet smile, and her kind and caring heart. She became one of my best friends. I believe that now she has became my guardian angel. She will forever have a special place in my heart. I love you Kristakins, I love you soooo much. You will always be loved and missed. You will be in my heart forever and always.
    I love you.

  25. Brandy East said...

    Krista, I love you so much. You will be missed. You didn’t look at a person for what they looked like or what race they were, you loved them for them. I’ll carry that with me forever. I LOVE YOU! R.I.P!

  26. Katie said...

    I just wanted to say that this has greatly affected everyone in our small community and I do not believe anyone will ever be able to erase the events from our minds. This is a tragedy and I pray that the family holds strong in this time of mourning and know that justice will be served in the end.

    I did not know this young lady but it seems she was very well cared for and loved by many. I myself am a mother and I feel a strong sense of urgency for my children knowing something so horrific could take place in Madera.

    To the family: Please know that you are in everyone’s hearts and prayers. We all feel your pain and are mourning with you!

  27. AmyKins said...

    Krista … No word can perfectly describe you cause none add up to how much joy you brought to this world … There are so many to say, the least (I can say is) you are the greatest. No matter what you wanted, smiles on everyone’s faces, this wasn’t hard to achieve when you were around. I will never forget the camping trip we took to the beach. We had so much fun… I hit you with that baby crap when i was trying to get it off the net ( sorry ) and when the trip was over and we couldn’t figure out how to get that dang tent back in the box.haha… my word. We always had the best time …even if we were upset… At our boyfriends we would go and get a happy meal and take silly pictures… to try and make things better… you knew how to have fun. You didn’t let any thing stop you.

    Keep smile’n. I know you will. I love you and miss you so much, Krista. You’re the best.

    Rest In Peace
    Your Friend AmyKins

  28. Rose said...


  29. Reanne Armacost said...

    During third period at El Dorado (High School) I heard the news. I was very upset to hear that one of my best friends had been murdered. I hope that the killers are trialed as adults.

    To those such as me that feel the loss of a very outgoing and loving friend, remember her as the loving, funny, caring person that she is. Man, to think I will never see her wonderful bright smile again brings tears to my eyes. What is the world coming to? I swear that any one that could murder a sweet and wonderful girl and (one of my best friends Krista Pike, AKA Giggles) deserves to …

    If you’re wondering why this girl is also known as Giggles. Its sort of self explanatory. She was one of the happiest people I know. Even when she was having a bad day she had a smile on her face. To me she was the person I could tell anything to and she would never judge me or tell a soul. She brightened my day wish a simple smile and words of wisdom, even though her words were mainly small silly sayings that you could never forget.

    So to those who know my pain, just remember her for the good times and to those who don’t I’m sorry you missed out on meeting such a wonderful beautiful girl.

    Love always and forever,

    Krista Pike’s good friend
    Reanne Armacost

  30. Jacob Blue said...

    I just want to extend my deepest condolences to Krista’s family, her fiance and everyone that had a chance to know her. I did not know Krista personally but sadly enough I knew the guy who is charged with this. I feel like i have to apologize to you all for what I know in my heart that he did. I know that no words can take away the pain that you all are going through. I am filled with so many mixed emotions right now. My heart aches because of what happened to Krista. I am so sorry for what happened. This tragedy should never have happened. You all will be in my prayers.

    A touched reader,
    Jacob Blue

  31. Daniel Mosbacher said...

    Anyone who ever met Krista knew that she was just about the most wonderful person you would ever meet. She would never let anyone feel left out no matter who they were, and always wanted to befriend the new kid at school. Some things that people remember (and) standout about her are her nickname, Giggles (mostly because of her extremely contagious laugh) and also all of the random animal noises she could make, for example her pig squeal, and that zebra noise. And if she was listening to music you could bet 100 bucks that it was country.

    Anyway I miss ya Giggles, R.I.P.

  32. krista said...

    Dude, I will always remember when Ms. Lawrence got our names confused. We all had so much fun in that class.

    You will be missed so much… I don’t know what I’m gonna do without my other Krista around.

    You’re always in my heart and I love ya… forever…xoxox

  33. Trever Lund said...

    I still have all your little notes (and) letters from school LOL. I will keep them forever to remind me how great of a friend you were to me. I and all of your family (and) friends will miss you tremendously. I can’t believe somebody would do such a thing to someone like you, Krista, a person that wouldn’t even harm a fly.

    You will always be loved…

    Trever Lund

  34. cindy cota said...

    Sorry to the family of Krista Pike. Sorry for your loss. She seemed to be a nice girl. I pray for the family and friends in their time of grief. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  35. Crysta, April, and Katie said...


    I love you so much and I miss you more than anything. We had so much fun together, memories!! At my house, watching that movie, talking to Dustin. :D Good times.

    I love you always and forever,
    you will always be in my heart.



    Ohhh Baby!!!
    God, I miss you.
    I can’t believe It.
    But I promise I’ll take care of the family.
    I love you beyond words.
    Say Hi to Liz for me.
    You always said you wanted to meet her!!! :)

    Love Always,


    I will love you always and forever. You will always be in my heart.

    Love always,
    K to the D, Katie

  36. Heather said...

    Wow — I still can’t believe it. I never thought anything could be as hard as this — I always knew saying goodbye was hard, but its even worse when it was one of your best friends. I’m gonna miss you, Krista, but I know we will be together again one day! I love you sweety & I always will.

    RIP Giggles**

  37. Danielle Kerper said...

    I had a class (spanish) with Krista in my senior year. I think she was a sophomore at the time, but on the first day of class she sat next to me — considering we were the only white girls in that class, ha ha. And she was a sweetheart. She was funny and every day I always looked forward to seeing her, along with a couple of others in that class.

    Then she moved a couple of months later and I gave her my e-mail. She would send me those annoying chain letters time to time, he he. Don’t you hate those! But now I’m sad that I won’t see that e-mail anymore.

    I wish I (had) talked to her more and I’m shocked this happened to her. She never deserved this. I remember the time that I met her she told me how happy she was to be engaged to her boyfriend, and when I saw on the news that she was arranged to get married in July… I wanted to cry ’cause I just remember how happy she was. She was a good person, and I’m just really sorry I didn’t get to know her more. But I’ll always remember that time in Spanish class.

    R.I.P. Krista.

  38. Erika Ortiz said...

    Dear Krista,

    Although I didn’t know you my thoughts and heart will be with you. I wish that your family is okay and that up in Heaven you’ll look down to see that we care and love you.

  39. Haven! said...

    Hey Krista dear!

    It seems like just yesterday me, you and your sister were at the SKATING RINK in Madera! Shakin’ our groove thangs and hanging out! I didn’t even know you moved back and got back with MY COUSIN THOMAS! You two are sooo cute!

    I can’t believe someone would do this to you … its crazy! I cried immediately when my grandma told me… I couldn’t believe it…

    Always in my heart… you helped me so much! I love you.

  40. Starr said...

    I didn’t know you well but the impression you left in our heart is forever imprinted. May your soul soar with the angels in Heaven. To the family of Ms. Krista our condolences for the unimaginable pain you are going through.

  41. Tabby Jacoby said...

    May all our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Krista-Rae June Pike. You will always be remembered as the kindhearted beautiful girl you are. What a stupid and horrible thing for someone to do to such a wonderful person. I didn’t know you as well but I knew very much of you. Every time I saw you in the hallways of school you always had a smile on your face. I wish I could have gotten to know you better. It just hurts so much to know that I will never get that chance to do that. No, I will get that chance when my time comes. I will see you in heaven where I know you are. We all love and miss you.

    Rest In Peace, Krista
    Tabby Jacoby

  42. Cheryl said...

    The one thing I’m never going to forget is your smile and the giggle that came with it. I’m so glad I got to know you and the purity of your heart. It (is) comforting to know that I can remind Carson of the great times you shared. I know he will always have a wonderful angel watching over him. WE LOVE YOU AND WILL NEVER FORGET YOU! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS!

  43. Ronette Lopez said...

    To the family of Krista Pike,

    I live in Madera and this has really shaken the whole city. I first want to say, how could anyone take away such a beautiful child. I just will never know and for jealousy, wow.

    I send my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Krista. And to Krista, you were loved by many. I can surely see that and they know they have lost you but Heaven has received a very special girl there!

    I feel that nothing like this should’ve ever happened and I hope that the people responsible for this are put where they belong! Our family did not know you but we know some of your friends and we know that they are missing you terribly.

    Rest In peace Krista,
    And our prayers go out to your family & friends!


  44. Aaron said...

    To everyone that knew Krista Pike,

    I know we have been through (a) hard time since the loss of a very loved one… I feel very bad and depressed because she was to marry my cousin Thomas Hollier… And I just want to say, thank you Krista for being a great friend to us all and being there for all of your friends and showing them that life is too short to hold grudges and be full of anger. And I thank you for showing me that on the behalf of everyone…

    And I would also like to (say) on the behalf of the Hollier and Pike family I am holding a donation jar for the Krista Pike Memorial… and I feel really really bad (about) what happened and wiIl really love and miss her… But as her father said, “Krista wouldn’t want us to be depressed or melancholy. She wants us to be happy and live life as it comes, but also remember her as we go on in life…” And I also have a Bible verse to say…

    “God blesses those who are mourn, for they will be comforted.”

    Its in Matthew 5:4 and it means with the loss of a loved one they (the mourners) will be cared for and also comforted…

    Thank you for your time…



    Aaron J. Ochoa

  45. Kayla said...

    Well I heard about this on the news, and I was shocked because i use to live in Madera… for about a year (and a) 1/2. I went to the high school there and graduated from there…

    I didn’t know Krista but from what I know of her now she seemed really sweet and (I) wish I could’ve met her! But I send my prayers out to the family and God knows what’s best and he will do the right thing…

    And I’m very happy that those people got put in jail… I HOPE they will never be able to walk the streets again…

    My condolences go out to the family and may Krista rest in peace! The good die young but she’s up there smiling down. :) xoxo

  46. Tindle Family said...

    Our hearts go out to the family and freinds of Krista Pike. Our prayer and thoughts are with the entire family. Its a shame that a beautiful angel like Krista had to be taken from this world. she will be missed greatly!!

  47. Christine Hubbard said...

    Hey Krista, do you remember the time me and you were out in the hallway when we were supposed to be in Mr. Cox’s class but we were out by the steps singing and laughing? Everytime I was with you or around you, you were always happy, but when times did get hard for you (then) you came and talked to me about your troubles.

    Its hard for me to accept that you are gone. I pray to GOD that its not true that you are gone. Then again you are up there in Heaven shining down on everyone. In my heart is a place you will always be. I have to face it and be happy like you would’ve wanted it. I just wished I could’ve been there for you more than I was.

    So many memories that I have with you. It hurts really bad but I know you would (want) me to stay strong with my head and that’s what I am doing. But just remember that you are in my heart forever until the day I can see you again.

    R.I.P Krista-Rae Pike

  48. Jennifer Starline said...

    Krista Pike was going to be my sister-in-law. Krista fit right into our family perfectly. She made my brother Thomas so happy. Since Krista walked back into my brother’s life, my brother was my little brother again. He would call just to say he loved me. Krista made everyone laugh and smile no matter what.

    Since this has happened things have been really hard on everyone. I really hope and pray this opens everyone’s eyes to how quickly life can be taken away. We all should hold our loved ones closer and never let a second with them slip by.

    Jennifer Starline

  49. amanda lilley said...

    We miss you so much… We miss you so much! I hope you get our balloons. I miss you. We all miss you, Gigglz……

  50. Kendra said...

    R.I.P. Krista Pike! I love you gurly!

    I’m Kendra Valitchka, I used to have history and P.E. with Krista and she was amazing. She was always so happy and a well-rounded person. I hope that she lives on in all our hearts! God bless everyone for your support and I hope you all the best in the future!


  51. amanda lilley said...

    Krista, I will always remember you as an amazing girl/friend you were always as happy as can be. You always kept your spirits high and had a wonderfull smile on your face, always laughing.

    She was an awesome friend, a great person and I hope to see you in Heaven. I love you, Krista Pike.

    love amanda lilley…..

  52. Amberlee said...


    I can’t believe that you’re gone! It seems like just yesterday we were talking to each other on (the online chat) Messenger. I will never forget the time that we sat in the middle of Edward’s (Cinema) and made the security guard so mad because he kept asking us to move from the spot that we were sitting in and we never did. You would always make me smile even if Doug would make so mad that I didn’t want to. I will always love you so much. I will always have you in my heart. You will never be forgotten…

    Love you always,

  53. victoria said...


    Although I only met you a few times I know that’s all it took for me to know what a sweet person you are. My family and I will miss you very much. To all the family and friends I send my love to all, and I have you in my prayers.

    Love always,
    Victoria C.

  54. Rashelle said...


    I miss you so much. I know I hadn’t talked to you in a couple years but I still remember the first day I met you back in like 8th grade. You were awesome. And then freshman year. Wow! Those were the days.

    I never got the chance to tell you how much I appreciated your friendship. You were the best ever. I didn’t know that the last time I would talk to you was your last day at Madera High freshman year. I will miss you so much. I cry every day wondering what a wonderful person like you could have done to deserve what you got. You will always be remembered in my heart. I love you.

    Love always,

  55. JRieping said...

    The following two poems were read at the visitation of Krista-Rae Pike on Friday (Jan. 18). The Madera Tribune was asked to publish these on our Web site, along with a poem by Thomas Hollier, her fiance. Hollier’s poem can be seen at the tail end of the blog post at the top of this Web page.

    You had a wonderful art
    of touching each and every heart.
    Each and every one of us has cried,
    because a part of us has also died.
    It’s way to much to bear.
    We all love you and care.
    Now many hearts are broken
    at the cost of one token,
    the cost was your life
    – not having the chance to be his wife.
    I know he cared
    by the way he stared.
    He loved you more than anything,
    but you were taken from under his wing.
    We will always feel your love,
    even from Heaven above.
    You will always be remembered,
    even when we all grow old and surrender.

    – Kevin Toney

    + + +

    You touched our hearts
    like a speeding dart.
    You taught us all to love
    like a beautiful dove.
    You had the perfect man,
    but its a good thing his name isn’t Jan.
    You kept us all tough,
    even when you say enough.
    This poem is for you,
    and more than just a few.
    You had more love,
    even when above.
    Thank you for all the memories.
    You never had any enemies.
    The first time we talk by the stone
    I knew I would have to walk alone.
    You helped me through bad and good.
    You were like a home girl even though we weren’t in the hood.
    We love you
    and will never stop too.

    – Joseph Wardlaw

  56. lupe said...

    Even though. I did not know you.
    I ask the Lord to keep you close.
    Rest in peace, I will ask God, for those
    you left, to restore their broken hearts
    and ease the pain deep in their hearts

  57. Lizz S said...

    To the Family and Friends of Krista Pike,

    I want to extend my deepest condolences to you for your loss. I did not know your angel Krista, but from everything I have read about her she was truly a beautiful young woman who was deeply loved, and able to give love in return. That is a gift from the Lord, and it seems as though she took that and made it the gift that kept on giving to those who were in her life.

    My heart breaks for each and everyone of you, and I want you to know that you are in my heart, and in my prayers. As the days pass I hope that Krista’s sun shine smile is the light that guides you.

    God bless you one and all… God bless you, Krista.

    Lizz Stapleton

  58. Arriana Altman said...

    She was like a best friend to me. I love her so much. I remember when I first talked to her and met her. We were on the bus and she was upset. I wanted to hug her but I didn’t think she knew me. She said, ‘Yes, I do. Your Arriana,” and I said, ‘Aww, Krista, I love you.” :)

    She was always there for me when i needed her. She always watched out for me and others. We used to sneak off campus to try and sneak a cigarette and every time we got caught she would always take the blame, just so i wouldn’t get in trouble but knowing she would. That to me is a true, good, kind, loving friend. I wish I could be at least half of how nice and kind she was. She was truly the nicest person I know. I love her so much, and I wish she was still here.

    love always,

  59. Kara Nichols said...

    I can’t believe that this could have happened to such a sweet and innocent girl. Krista was the best person I knew. She made everyone around her a better person. I saw it in their eyes at the vigil. Everybody there loved Krista; there was no fakers there. In some way Krista touched the lives of all those people.

    I just wish that we would have had more of a chance to get together. I talked to her a few weeks ago on MySpace and that was it. Then Thomas sent me a text asking me if I knew how to get money for him and Krista to get married with. The only thing I could think of to say to him was “yea a job.” I should have been more helpful. I probably should have been in more contact with Krista.

    It is still just a total shock that this happened. I knew Dustin and Brittany both. I used to consider Dustin a really good friend of mine, but after this I can’t say that anymore. I thought I knew them, thought that I could trust them. But apparently we were all wrong. I guess it just goes to show you that you don’t really know anybody.

    I love you Krista-Rae. You were an awesome person and I hope that you find happiness and can still manage to touch the heart of everybody even in your death. Rest in Peace.

    Love Kara

  60. Jesse Carlson said...

    What can I say about Krista-Rae… words can’t describe what a truly wonderful beautiful person she was. I first met Krista the night of the Winter Formal; during her and Thomas’ freshman year of high school. She was kind of shy, which is kind of funny because the word ‘shy,’ and Krista don’t go together. It’s like mixing oil and water. When I came through the front door and saw Thomas and Krista, my first thought was that she had very beautiful eyes, like eyes of an angel. That is something that I will never forget about Krista-Rae; her “Angel Eyes.”


  61. Seriah said...


    You probably don’t know me…and I barely knew you.
    But you mean so much to so many people.
    Including me.
    I wish you and I had gotten better acquainted.
    I read the Mountain Democrat article…
    And that’s when I realized I knew you…
    By the name of Giggles.
    (We’d met in passing)
    I honestly believe that the world is better place because you were there.
    Even the 18 short years you were here.
    And now you’re up in heaven watching over all of us that care.


    R.I.P, Krista. God bless.

  62. Elizabeth Lilley said...

    To Kristas family — I did not know Krista, but she was a dear friend of my daughter. Krista touched the hearts of so many girls at E.D.H.S. What an amazing girl. I will keep all of you in my prayers…

  63. kevansvault said...


    You died under the most horrible of circumstances. I read of your passing in the paper, and online. I didn’t know you but I see that everyone speaks highly of you. You were obviously loved and you certainly deserved better. Those who did this will pay dearly I’m sure, but I know that nothing will bring you back to us.

    To your family and friends. my heart goes out to each of you. I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now. Pain and sorrow know no boundaries. Please know that you have my deepest sympathies in your loss.

  64. ally angel said...

    I didn’t really want to write to you, (and) pretend that you were still here. You’ll never read this. Its hard to take that in. It still feels like you’re alive, like I’m going to wake up tomorrow and there’s going to be a message for me from you.

    I never thought that something like that would happen to us, to you Krista, murdered… I guess it was just the wrong place at the wrong time. You didn’t deserve that. I would have taken your place if I could. I just wish I could have been there to help you, to save you like you always saved me. You were always so sweet and so caring of other people. I just regret not spending as much time as I possibly could with you because now I never will.

    I’m sorry, Krista… I love you and I’m sorry I wasn’t there.

    ally angel

  65. Rose said...

    I’m so sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me the most, sis. I swear if I knew this was going to happen I wouldn’t have moved to Florida. Please watch over me, help me through these hard times and never forget that you were the closest person to me in North Campus… you were my sister by heart and now I feel so guilty for not being there for you. I wasn’t even there for the ceremonies nor anything… I hate being here and I wrote a little letter that I hoped Lorena read for you. I love you so much Krista why did you have to go? :’( *cries*

    -Your sis Rose
    Sisters For Life: Rose,Krista,Lorena,Isabel

  66. April Rain said...


    I’m sitting here in my 2nd period.
    Thinking of you.
    Russel’s not here.
    I guess he won’t be back until Thursday now.
    I wish he was.
    I want to hug hi.
    && everyone in the famiy.
    But mostly you.
    I miss you … so much.
    I honestly never thought I’d hurt this way again.
    I didn’t think anything in this world would break me after losing Liz.
    I was wrong.
    So, wrong.
    Losing you is like losing her all over again.
    I’m so … I don’t know.
    Shocked, I guess.
    But I feel empty.
    That’s what it is.
    I don’t feel anything.
    I can’t even sleep at night. I hate it.
    I call the family just about everyday.
    I hurt so badly at the thought of them going through this
    I prayed they would never have to.
    Everything seems unreal.
    Like it’s a bad dream and I’m just waiting to wake up.
    But I know I won’t. I’ll wake up tomorrow && still have to deal with your absence.
    It just hurts.
    So unbelievably bad.
    I just want you to come home.
    I’ll look out for the family.
    I promise.
    Tell Liz I say Hi.

    && Honey… I’m so sorry that this happened to you.
    I wish I could’ve seen you.
    … The last time we talked … what two days before.
    I wish I’d have known.
    But at least our last words were I love you!
    Sam had her baby.
    I wish you could’ve met him.
    I’ll give him kisses for you. :)
    K, well I’m gonna get in trouble if I don’t turn off my computer so…
    I love you, Giggles!!!


  67. janizzle said...


    Although I didn’t know you personally (you were on my sister’s softball team) your story has touched me. I cannot imagine what your family & friends are going through, but I pray that they find the strength & courage that I know you’d want them to have. From what I hear, you were a wonderful friend. I know you’re in a better place now.


  68. Nancy Hollier said...

    I loved her with all my heart. She was my daughter-in-law to be. I miss her. She was the happiest person that I know. She always had a smile and a hug for me and the last thing that she told me was “I love you, mom.” those words will always be in my heart. She was my daughter, one of my girls. She lit up my son’s life (Thomas). She was his world, his life. She is going to be missed forever and always. I love her and my son and no one should have to go through what she endured or Thomas.

    I was looking forward to their upcoming wedding. I was so excited that she came back into his life. They belonged together for always. They truly were the perfect pair. I just miss her and I want her back. I love you, Krista, and I hope that you are happy up there in Heaven. Say hello to Thomas’ grandpa. He would have loved you too. Everyone did. You were just that type of a person. Once someone met you they knew you for a lifetime. You will be missed. We love you.

    Nancy Hollier (Mom)

  69. Karen said...

    I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. And may the the Lord be with your family!

  70. Jennifer Uemura said...


    Always had on a pretty smile,
    Always had time to talk for awhile,
    Always saw the good in all,
    She was the pick me up if you were going to fall,

    Taken from this world too soon,
    Left behind a heartbroken groom,
    The way you were taken wasn’t fair,
    You probably didn’t even get to do your hair,

    Tonight tears for you will fall,
    Last night cries echoed in the motel’s hall,
    You will forever be in our heart,
    But saying we love you lots would only be a start…

  71. crystal said...

    I did not know Krista but i did live in madera for awhile and i was so shocked to hear about this poor girl…Ever since i saw her picture on the news i just thought wow how could somebody do that to such a young beautiful girl..She was so full of life and she was so beautiful..I have read comments and nobody has one bad thing to say about her..and thats a great way to be remembered.I just wanted to say RIP krista and even though i dont know you. I pray for you and for the people who did this to get what they deserve….My heart goes out to the pike family…your daughter seems like a wonderful girl you did a great job with her i will keep you in my prayers….

  72. kristin said...

    krista im sry we couldnt have still been friends i dont even remember why we stopped talking but either way u used to be 1 of my good friends and ill never forget tht.. love and miss u lots forever and always u will have a place in my heart
    R.I.P krista rae pike

  73. Gundy said...

    I did not know Krista, only heard about her tragic death from my daughter’s friend. My daughter visited Jenn from Oklahoma and went to the viewing with her. She saw Krista in her coffin and heard all the great things about her. When she returned home to Oklahoma she told me more about this beautiful young woman. I went online to read about Krista and was drawn to her beautiful smile right away.

    I can’t understand how somebody can just go and take anothers life. A young heart stopped beating because of the bitternes and hate another girl felt in her heart. I am thinking about this gorgeous young woman and her family and friends. The outpour of love in all the comments left on here, tells me that she was a truly remarkable girl. I only wish my daughter would have had a friend like her. When we lived in Madera, I never even thought that something like this could happen. Madera seemed like such a nice place to raise your children. I only hope that the justice system is doing everything they can to give these two what they deserve.

    Krista, rest in peace and watch over your family and all your friends. I am sure you are up there, making heaven even brighter with your radiant smile.

  74. KaRiStA said...


    I did not have the privilege of meeting you, but from what I have heard and read your friends loved you dearly and Thomas loved you even more! I understand that it was too soon for you to go, but we will never forget you. God gives us angels, but every angel (no matter how loved!) must return home…

    As for your family, I hope they know that you will always be with them! Farewell Krista Pike, you will be remembered as a friend, a daughter, a loving fiance and a beautiful person!

  75. Steven Imada (SMURF) said...

    Krista Rae-Pike,
    You will dearly be missed in all of our hearts

  76. Danielle said...

    I just wanna say that I’m so sorry this has happened to you and your family including Thomas’. I never got the privilege to actually know you like many people did but I just wanna say that just based on all the wonderful things I have heard about you, I really wish I had.You’re a beautiful person from what I know. And you’re truly an angel.

  77. EMILY said...

    Well I love the poem that he wrote for Krista but all I can say is one day soon I will be with my best friend again and won’t we all be happy again. And for the reason why I want to be with her now is because I miss her pigging sound (that) she always did when someone was sad or just didn’t look good at the time or even when someone didn’t have a smile on their face.

    I just have to say I love her so much and I can’t want to see her soon but not too soon.

  78. ARTHUR said...

    Hey Krista,

    It’s Arthur. Just wanna tell you that I miss you and I love you. You always were a good friend. Just know I will never forget you. I hope you heard what I said about you at da vigil. Dang I really miss you. I still have our pics dat we took at school and at da rink. Well hope you’re doing good in Heaven. …XOXOXOXOXO Miss you girl

    I will never forget you or da fun memories we had.

  79. Justin said...

    Hey Krista,

    Its ur boy. I just wanted to say I miss you and love you a lot. I’m just sitting here remembering all the good times we had on the computer… and don’t worry ’bout the cookie and Skittles. I will get them soon even from you… yeah, I remember that joke like it was yesterday.

    I still can’t believe this happened. Peace, love, chicken grease. Talk to you and see you soon… oh yeah, can’t forget ay bay bay

  80. Bree said...

    Hey Krista,

    I miss you so very much… There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. I remember growing up thinking we were going to get old, (and) get a house where we could grow old together. I remember when we would spend long nights up together just talking about things that bothered each other.

    I wish you were still here. I miss you and love you so very much… I love you… I talk to you every night and hope you listen to me… You always made me feel complete.

    Bye KK, for sister always

  81. Bree said...

    Hey Krista… I miss you so much … It’s just not the same without you here with me. Without your wonderful giggle and your amazing smile … Remember the time we called Brandon and he was in the tub just singing his heart out?! We laughed forever about that one … and the plans we made … Life’s just not the same without my sister anymore … I was thinking about you last night and it was as if you were there with me …

    I’m making a scrap book for my senior project and you’re in there! I had to, it just wouldn’t be a scrap book without you in it. I miss you so much and i hope heaven is everything you wanted it to be. I miss you so much … I love you …

  82. anonomis said...

    Krista, I’ve been thinking of you lately and I really miss you, sweety, and omg gosh how I miss your smile! I miss you so much. Soon, sweetheart, we will soon be together… love you xoxoxoxoxoxo forever- :)

  83. Kd said...

    Hello Sweet Angel,

    Sorry, I could Never Put Anything On Here I Can Never Find the right Words!

    I Miss You So Much!

    I Dont Undersatnd How Anyone Could Ever Hurt You,
    You Were The Most Lovable, Sweetist Person That Anyone Could Ever Meet!

    You Made An Extreme Inpact On My LIfe, You Were Always Able To Chear Me Up, And You Were Always There When I Needed Someone To Talk To!

    Thank You So Much For Being There For Me!
    I Only Wish That I Could Could Have Been There For You This One Last Time!

    Krista-Rae June Pike

    I Hope To See You In Heaven, My Love!

    I love You Very Much!


  84. Jackie said...

    Hey Krista
    ive been thinking of you so much, everyone is. i cant believe its almost been a year. Things are geeting harder. B4 i was trying not to think of it too much, trying to only think of the good times and not the horrible way you were taken from us. i dont want to think of you as “gone”. i know you are always here, always with us. Lately its been harder and harder to only glance at your picture, watch your videos now and then, just to try to keep form crying. I think of you and wish you were still here. you are so gorgouse in all your pictures and i love looking at them. I wish you were here in person to talk about and see everythign thats been going on…so much has happened in the past year! I miss your advice, hugs, and giggle. youre an amazing girl Krista and i love you very much! Be with us all especially your family around this time, we need your guidance. you are always in our hearts.

    ~Krista Rae June Pike~

    hope to see you again one day, with all my love

  85. Stacie Pike said...

    Jackie you are not alone. Seems like the longer it gets the harder it is but we do not have to suffer alone. We all have each other and on January 14th, 2009, the anniversary of Krista’s passing, we will be having an open house type of gathering. We will be serving ‘Frito Mess’ to anyone who comes, for Krista. It is a family traditional recipe that she was supposed to have cooked for the Holliers that night but never got the chance. Everyone who loved Krista-Rae is welcome in our home, anytime. For us, her family, this day will be like most of the other days between then and now. Her death never leaves us. Ours thoughts, our regrets, our love for her is with us every second of every day. So this day will be the same. But for those of you who have gone on with your lives, hopefully all of you, and will have a hard time that day, we will be here, and so will Krista~in spirit. We will be here for you & you for us. Krista’s Krew, thats what I like to call us. All of us.

    The hours for January 14th are from noon until the evening hours. Come and go as you like. Balloon Release at 4pm!! Frito Mess for all!!

    Corner of Bonadelle Ave and Rd. 36, Madera Ranchos

    Stacie Pike

  86. Brandy East said...

    Krista, I will always remember the good times and when you used to cheer me up during the bad. It’s been one year since we lost you. It hasnt been easy without your smile or your giggles. God, I miss you spending the night and watching movies and roasting marshmallows in my backyard. and camping out back at my place just for the hell of it. I miss you and love you so much. But I think the thing that I will miss the most is just not being able to have you around to talk to. R>I>P Sweetie!

  87. beca said...

    I think of u always of all the memories from Spanish Sophmore year always getting the teacher going at us cause we would always be laughing. Even from Mrs. Scotts class when she kept saying she was going to seperate us if we kept laughing. All of the memories. The best is from Jacobs sweet 16. We were being crazy having fun, the big dogpile we made on the couch. lol. I will never 4get them and I most of all will never 4get you. You were the best of friends. I miss you so…
    I love you sis!
    Rebecca Gunter

  88. Nancy Hollier said...

    Dear Krista

    I miss you so much still, I think about you everyday. I have your picture on my favorite frog that stays on my bed and I give your pic a kiss everyday. I love you and I miss you so much. I wish things were so different. My heart goes out to all of your family. I pray for your family every day that God is with them to help them through their everyday life. I wish you were here to see Kim and Jesse’s new baby and Jen and Brandon’s that will be here in Aug. Kim did Hailey’s room in tinkerbell just for you. And Krista, Hailey knows that you are here in spirit she holds onto your special necklace when Kim holds her. She will always know about her Aunt Krista. We all miss you and love you. You will always be in my heart and no matter what you will always be one of my kids. Hugs and Kisses. Forever.

    Nancy Hollier (mom)

  89. A Private Madera Citizen said...


  90. Jessica (Krista's Cousin) said...

    Krista, i just wanted to say that i haven’t been the same person that i was before the “event”, but i can say that I’m happy that your in a better place now, and that I and my family will always, always miss you, yet love you all the same, forever and ever. I hope to see you some day, Kritter aka Giggles!

    xoxoxo, Jessica

  91. Marlena Veloz said...

    Krista, i miss you soo much…you were one of the first people i met when i moved 2 madera and u welcomed me with open arms..u always made me smile…we always laughed about everything…

    i practically lived at ur house! i was always staying over n we would stay up 4 hours! jus talking about the littlest of things. I’m always gona remember that smile and how u would always give the best hugs! =)

    Im soo sad cuz i never got a chance 2 see u…when u moved back 2 madera u tried 2 surprise me at my house a couple of times but i was never home…i would get sad when my mom told me u stopped by cuz i missed u so much! I didnt want 2 believe that it was u that got killed…i jus couldnt believe it..u didnt deserve that at all..ur such a sweet and caring girl n u deserved the best.

    I miss u soo much krista it hurts still but i will never ever forget u. You were one of my closest friends and i loved you like a sister and i always will. I’ll be seeing you again up there…i cant wait til i get one of those wonderful hugs of yours again.

    i love you krista! you will always be in my heart! <3

    Love always,

  92. Jennifer Starline said...

    I miss you more and more everyday. Things have changed so much with everyone since you’ve been gone. It still hurts like it just happnend. Every night when i tuck my daughter in i always think of you. Sabria-Lee is only 2 1/2 weeks old but i know that she knows who you are because she holds you everynight in her tiny hand while i feed her. When she is in your old room is when she is most calm. I wish you could meet her and hold her. I know that you can see her and you watch over her. I swear sometimes i still see you (it could be just me but…). Everyone is still lost without you and that will never change. I hope that you dont mind I took you middle name and put it in my daugters as her middle name, i thought it would be special for her and i know when she gets older she will cherish it like I do. God I love you and miss you oh so much… Please keep watching over my daughter and watch her grow and i will always tell heer about her aunt Krista. Love you, miss you already.

  93. karysa said...


    i miss you so much . . .we known each other since 8th grade. Not a day goes by that i think of you, everynight before i go to sleep i pray for you and your family! ! ! Just remebering the times we spent together sharing laughters and smiles. Til this day i still think of you,you were like a sister to me and always will be. Knowing what had happen just kills me,but i always keep myself strong and my head held high. I will always remember and cherish the best memories that i had with you.

    Karysa H.

  94. Steve said...

    i’m writing you from italy, i dont mean to bother you there, i just would like to let you know that i learned about you and about what happend to you just few days ago.
    At first it was just a mistake cause i was looking for another person but then i decided to read on internet your story…..
    Then i just promised me to wait till today for write something and i’m doing it.
    I dont mean to say patethinc things……i’m not a relative, i’m not a friend and i dont really know you.
    i just hope that you like to know that somebody around the world is thinking to you today and i hope that this is good to know also for all the peolpe that love you.

  95. Tanya said...

    To the family and friends of Krista Pike I want to say I’m truly truly sorry for your loss. I know it’s been 2 years now and I want you to know that you all are in my prayers and thoughts. I didn’t get the chance to know Krista but after hearing about her story my heart goes out to you all. Just from what I’ve heard ppl say about her I know she was a beautiful angel with an amazing heart. After reading her story in the paper I read that she was planning to go back to school and get her GED. I work at the MAS where you can get your GED If this would have happened I can’t help but think that I might have gotten the opportunity to have known her and it hurts and devastates me that I didn’t get that chance. I hope Justice is served soon and they finally put those who are responsible for this away for good.

    RIP & god bless you Krista and god bless all her family and friends who love her dearly.

  96. kirsten said...

    hey well mis u dnt know u but no how ur family is feeling sending my love ur way

  97. Nancy Hollier said...

    Krista I miss you more and more everyday. You were the best person for Thomas. He is so lost without you, he has tried to move on but he is floundering so. I wish with all my heart that you were still here. There are so many things that have happened in the last two and a half years, some you would of approved of and some you would of been hurt by. Things have been so very hard for all that is part of this disaster. My heart goes out to your family. I haven’t seen or heard from them in a very long time. I pray that they are doing as good as they can. We all love and miss you so much. You were the light in my sons life and without you the light has gone out. He really needs you to watch over him, he misses you so much.

    With love

    Nancy (ur other mom).

    P.S. You are in my prayers every night and I kiss your picture every day when I get up and before going to bed every night. RIP my sweet dear daughter in law. Because no matter what I look at you as my daughter in law, like one of my own. I love you and miss you so very much. You would make the whole room light up just because you stepped into it. I miss that so much. RIP my dear. You now have two neices ( Hailey and Sabria-Lee) Kim and Jens daughters, and Nicole and Dustin named their daughter after you as well. We all love you and wanted to remember you in our special ways. Hailey has her room done in tinkerbell’s for you and Sabria-Lee has your middle name and Nicole and Dustin’s baby is named Krista Rose Marie. Both Hailey and Sabria hold onto you everyday. They would of loved you so. Just like everybody that ever met you. Hugs and Kisses Love you forever.


  98. Nancy Hollier said...

    My dear Krista I so miss you and Thomas is so messed up still. I wish this event never happened to you. Tom is so lost and so angry all the time. He is so full of hate any more to everyone he loves or that is close to him. I wish he would seek help before he self destructs. He loved you so very much and is so lost without you. Please watch over him and keep him safe. I love you so and miss you so very much.

    Hugs and Kisses

    Your other mom


  99. Nicole Parris said...

    Krista, (My Best Friend In the Whole Wide World)

    I miss you so so much i even named my daughter after you, because you are so special to me and you will always be special to me.. Sometimes when i am going through hard times i wish you were here but i just think about all the good times we had together and laugh.. My daughter reminds me so much of you, she is always happy and laughing and in a good mood sometimes i wonder if your spirit is with her.. When i see a rainbow i think of it as you are still here like you never left and when i see orange i think of how much you loved orange so much.. You are the bestest friend that anyone could ask for and i am glad you are my friend and forever will be.. I know you like tinker bell and my daughter has a tinker bell blanket and goes everywhere with us she also has a tinker bell towel too.. I have times to where were i cry and cry at night because i love and miss you so much now that your gone i feel so lost.. I just think about all the good times we had and i get by through the day like you were still here with me.. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU KRISTA PIKE!!!!!!!

    Big Fat Huges And Kisses

    Love Your Best Friend: Nicole Parris

    I Love You Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake!!!! ;)

  100. Brandy East said...

    Krista I think about you everyday. I’m sitting here crying on Bobby’s bed wishing you had gotten to meet him. After I lost you everything felt like it was so empty. I feel so empty inside not being able to hear your giggles to cheer me up. I’m going through a hard time in my life right now and I’m comforted knowing that at least we still can hang out in my dreams. Last night I had a dream and I was walking to my second period Spanish class and you yelled I love you and I yelled it back to you just like we did every day at eldo. God krista I miss you. It’s not the same. I can’t believe it’s been six years since I haven’t heard your voice or giggles. I miss your smile and your piggy noise you made when I would be sad. You were one of the best friends I’ve ever had krista. My heart is broken. I love you and I can’t wait to see you again someday. You and Timmy are up there smiling on us. Thank you for being one of the most positive people to ever be in my life.

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