Krista Pike remembered

Webmaster’s note: On the afternoon of Monday (Jan. 14), the life of 18-year-old Krista Pike of the Madera Ranchos ended tragically. Two friends of hers from when she attended El Dorado High School in Placerville wished to share their memories of her in life so that thoughts of her would not be overshadowed in Madera by the manner of her death.

krista_pike.jpgKrista’s personality was indescribable. No matter how bad things got she would always be laughing. Her laugh was contagious. When she started laughing it never ended but she always made absolutely everyone smile. She is the ultimate sweetheart who always saw the best in people. She is a friend of all.

She would always be random, but that’s what people love about her … that she lived each day as one big surprise. Her nickname at school is Giggles and she will always be remembered as that ray of light we all know and love!

She had an acquired taste for bows and rainbows. No matter how small or big they were you can bet she had it. Her favorite color for life was orange and she loves — and I mean loves — country music.

She had her own unique skill to handle people and whether they were sad or just plain miserable she helped them to see the joy in life! She is truly an amazing, beautiful girl and touched the hearts of many people. We are truly sad for all the people who lost the chance to meet this most wonderful person, because everyone deserves a chance to be happy for a moment and meet Krista.

Krista was truly spontaneous and was like a mother and sister to any one person at a time. She really broke the mold, because there will never be another person that even comes close to how spectacular Krista is. She radiated a glow that was contagious to any one person that saw her. She is a very go-luck person.

Krista-Rae June Pike will never slip away from anyone’s heart because she has touched people’s lives forever. We will never stop loving you!

Giana and James Ornelas,
Placerville, Calif.

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A video remembrance

The tribute video below was posted online by Danny Dominguez, a Madera friend of Krista Pike.

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In memoriam

Candlelight vigil for Krista Pike
Many flames follow the nudges of the wind or reach for the sky during a vigil Wednesday evening (Jan. 16) for the late Krista Pike at Town and Country Park, Madera.

“If nothing else comes out of this, at least people will know she was a loving caring person, and there is love out there. Grieve today, grieve tomorrow, but let all of that pass and go. Smile, laugh, and don’t hold grudges. Krista was here on this earth to love.”

— Russel Pike, father of Krista Pike, speaking at her candlelight vigil Wednesday evening (Jan. 16)

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‘Love always’

The fiance of Krista-Rae Pike wrote and shared the following spontaneous poem with her on the Saturday (Jan. 12) before her death. He shared the poem again at the funeral chapel viewing of her body on Friday (Jan. 18).

Our two souls moving as one
together they are unbreakable
able to withstand all that tries to break them,
all that hell can throw at them,
able to outlast time itself.
Together our souls are indestructible,
but when broken apart our souls are as brittle
as the frost on the morning grass.
Together they will bring about the life
of a son or daughter
to forever hold both souls together
keeping them forever intertwined for eternity
forever embracing each other.
Forever loving each other;
forever caring when one is hurt or sick,
no matter the distance
for we are an extremely rare kind of love,
for we are
and forever will be
soul mates.

— Thomas Hollier

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  1. Brandy East's Gravatar Brandy East
    January 15, 2015 - 12:53 am | Permalink

    Hey Krista it’s me again. It’s just hard to believe you’ve been gone seven years today. A lot has changed in my life since you’ve been gone. I miss you so much. I still tear up at the thought of not hearing your giggles ever s a or seeing your smile. I know you’re always smiling down on me. I miss you girlie. I’ll see you again one day. Thank you for all the memories we had to get me through. You’re never forgotten and I always think about you. You’re the most amazing person that I was blessed to know. I hope you and timmy are dancing up there in heaven. I love you girlie. I will see you again one day and when I do we can camp out back again and laugh our asses off.:))

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