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2012: new year, new web site

The official free website of The Madera Tribune newspaper ( has been created anew from scratch after a year of being the comatose hostage of our former web host. For the moment, the amount of content offered on it is light, but it has many features that improve upon those offered by our former sites. […]

Letter: A reader is pleased with newspaper

My compliments on adding to your sports page. I do enjoy it very much. But my favorite part of your paper is your editorial. This gives me a laugh every day; my morning is not complete until I read it. Keep the words flying. Tony Treckeme,Madera

Letter: Madera ministers speak out on same-sex marriage

According to the Statement of Faith of the Madera Ministerial Association, “We believe the Bible to be inspired, infallible, ultimate, and authoritative Word of God. We believe that the truths taught in the Bible are relevant and authoritative for all generations.” God made no provision for same-sex unions of any kind, and throughout His Word […]

What are your views on same-sex marriage?

Same-sex marriage will be legal in Madera County — and California as a whole — beginning Tuesday, although an amendment to the state constitution may or may not invalidate the unions in November. What do you think about this shift in policy? Are you in favor of same-sex marriage or against? Or could you care […]

Movie Preview: ‘Kung Fu Panda’ hits the spot

By John RiepingThe Madera Tribune When I arrived at the Saturday sneak preview in Fresno’s Imax theater, I did not expect to be especially impressed by “Kung Fu Panda.” I feared it would simply be an uninspired, one-trick pony. In fact, it was a movie I intended to bypass in the cinemas and watch belatedly […]

Letter: Trib sports editor evokes praise

As a parent I have to comment on the article (sports editor) Paul Stanford wrote about our son, Alec, in The Madera Tribune. Wow! Our family is humbled, excited, touched beyond belief. Wow, is the superlative that seems to fit. In reading this article, you expressed things that reflected a desire on your part to […]

Letter: Hillary is not her choice

From first-hand experience, I know what happens to your body and mind when you go through the change of life. It is a scary thought that the voters may put a menopausal woman in the White House with her finger so close to the nuclear button. The national news media do not provide the voters […]

Changes coming to main Tribune site

The main Web site of The Madera Tribune ( ) will be going through a significant change within a few weeks as we shift from our current free online publication to a subscription-only news site. This change is being made, in part, because we realized months ago that it wasn’t cost-effective to keep the […]